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Once Neil Gaiman hugged me for making him a friendship bracelet, and I've officially metamorphosed into a massive nerd. I have a Loki fixation and I refuse to be even remotely sorry about it. Films, acting, and crippling self-doubt are among my interests.




the pumpkin king / sally

Okay, but holy shit, THIS IS UNREAL.

This is amazing, and that Pumpkin King makeup is a thing of unsettling beauty.


tbh if that good omens radio adaptation turns out to be the best of queen on repeat for an hour over bbc radio 4 i won’t even be mad


how to tell if someone is really bisexual:

tenth doctor + hair (for anonymous)


Cats and Tumblr

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Moth pit

My reaction to this gif went from stone-faced “this is dumb” to full-on snickering gleefully in about fifteen seconds.

you can’t just drop shit like this on my dash i hurt myself laughing



While there is a lot of appropriate rage about Ferguson right now, the killing of John Crawford, III is getting less attention than it deserves. I put Shaun King’s tweets and history lesson on the matter in chronological order for easier consumption.


Autopsy and video show John Crawford shot from behind in Wal-Mart

Witness in murder of John Crawford changes story

You really should be following Shaun King on Twitter.

this makes me so fucking angry .


Will Darren Wilson ever be arrested?


we hated him.

"At $10 an hour you’d have to work 1,250 hours to cover the UW’s $12,500 tuition (more, once you take out taxes). In a 12-week summer, that’s more than 100 hours a week.

What really made me feel ancient is that the 1981 UW student guide shows the Med school charged only $1,029 a year back then. Today: $28,040!

Now, I didn’t go to the UW. But I’m going down Husky memory lane because last week The Seattle Times featured a crop of harried UW students looking rueful and broke. The story said skeptical state legislators often say how “they worked their way through college. And then they ask: Why don’t students do that today?”

Of all our delusions, we old farts cling to this bootstrap one the most. We worked our way up on sweat and chicken grease, we say. Can’t this generation? What’s wrong with them?

What’s wrong is that after we got ours, we cut it off for them.

The reason a summer at KFC could pay for a year of UW med school in 1981 isn’t that we were so hardworking and industrious. It’s that taxpayers back then picked up 90 percent of the tab. We weren’t Horatio Algers. We were socialists.

Today, the public picks up only 30 percent of UW tuition, and dropping."

Danny Westneat, “Yes, summer job paid tuition back in ’81, but then we got cheap” (via obi-wankenblowme)


(via jesuisdelphine)


Long Exposure shot of a rocket launch.

Harmonic Convergence  

I find myself wanting to draw a perfect Rose, over and over although I cannot find a Rose anywhere.